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Inquisitor – Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust

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“I Anti-christ, I came to Flesh!”. Still after all these years…what an intense opening! Loving it! Inquisitor is a Dutch band and was formed back in 1991. The aim at that moment was to create something that profane and excessive, the church in their home town have to self-combust when they play their Xtreme Blasphemic Thrash Metal. After two demos, “Blasphemous Accusations” and “Your Pain Will Be Exquisite”, they played some gigs in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to get noticed. And they got their godless fame, especially in The Netherlands. Being formed in an area where they think the bible is the truth and where an unbeliever is outcast, Inquisitor was the objectification of satan when a gig was announced. They were even an item during meetings of local politics. In 1995 founding member and bass-player Alex Bakker left Inquisitor and got replaced by Hans Pos. Besides Pos, also Erik Sprooten (Ancient Rites), Wim van der Valk (Centurian) and Alex Wesdijk went to the studio to record their debut full length “Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust” in 1996. An Xtreme Thrash album! It has the speed and chaos of acts like Sadus and Dead Head. But the possessed vocals of Wesdijk make it even more extreme. It’s like every fiber of his body is under command of Lucifer and every drop of blood contains evil DNA…he is the Anti-Christ. You have to hear the intensity to believe it. Right after the release they disbanded, continuing with other bands (Ancient Rites and Centurian), but Inquisitor just reformed again and have the ambition to write new material. This is an essential re-release which is also on cassette (Zwaertgevegt) and 12”, besides the 2CD version with the demos as bonus material. (Ricardo)