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Sartegos / Balmog – Sartegos / Balmog [EP – Split]

sartegos / balmog – sartegos / balmog [ep – split]

Spanish Black/Death has gained a good reputation during the last decade. Sartegos and Balmog are 2 of them and they teamed up for a 7“ split, each one song of fine Black Metal of death. Sartegos, a one man project currently, delivered an old sounding versatile piece of black metal having some Mortuary Drape references, with a fantastic lead in it and a very dark atmosphere in the vein of Grave Miasma. Balmog bring us a fine piece of more modern produced black metal going in Icelandic territories like Sinmara, which means haunting dark aggressive up-tempo black metal with some dissonance here and there, atmospheric open chord wizardry and the right production for it. Tremolo picked chords producing thick walls of sound and a fine subtle melody burning holes into your brain. A great split, longing for more. (DPF)