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Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

gaerea – unsettling whispers

Portuguese Black Metal the modern way. This is Gaerea. 2 years after their first EP we now have the pleasure to listen to their self-titled debut. The production is fat and clear, a benefit for their atmospheric monolithic compositions which change from slow crawling melancholic offerings to faster melodic Black/Death odes. If Heaven Shall Burn would do Black Metal this could be the answer…at least I tried to give it a direction. The sound is full of emotions as the vocals spit words of sorrow and desolation towards mankind. The rhythm section hammers down the heaviness of the world on your shoulders and the guitars change between piercing nails that tear your heart apart step by step and the sunrays you never thought to see again. It has those Immortal’s “At the heart of Winter” melodies and  the aura of the latest Blaze of Perdition with its heavy feel of eternal loss. Everything flows directly where it should be, using only as much variation and technical ability as needed to shift the song from one emotional state to the other. Less is more and often heavier. A mirror to humanity`s misery. Welcome maniacs. (DPF)