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Daagh – Daagh [EP]

daagh – daagh [ep]

Well, Well, Well…what do we have here? Can’t give you a lot of info on Daagh in general as the man behind the project wants to keep everything mysterious. Not the first time in the Black Metal scene, but this one is really a Scooby Doo-mystery. Zoinks! Besides Daagh is from Norway I can tell you this EP has 5 tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal as content.

Not really über icy, cold and grim, nor does it leans towards any –gaze scene. It is more the light version of Atmospheric Black Metal, more like it is starting to snow instead of a frozen forest landscape. Don’t get me wrong, this is still well played Atmospheric Black Metal and an enjoyable EP, but I can imagine that for some enthusiasts of the genre it lacks a bit of muscle and turns into background music. (Ricardo)