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Tribal Gaze – Godless Voyage [EP]

tribal gaze – godless voyage [ep]

“Godless Voyage” is the first EP from Texas Death Metal band Tribal Gaze. And god definitely can’t help you here. Soon as the first riff from opener, “Towers of illness”, kicked in I knew the next 20 mins would be well spent. Seriously foul shit on here. Riffs for days. Nasty and catchy as they come. Cannibal Corpse and early Decapitated are the first bands that spring to mind. Although Tribal gaze are more blackened in style. Check, “Until your saviour returns”, and try tell me it’s not like being force fed broken glass (see what I did there?) while walking through a sea of treacle. Absolutely crushing. Dynamically these guys know how to structure a song which puts you into a state of mind to impulsively start a pit where you stand.

Lyrically this Is the bastard son of Glen Benton but nowhere near as over the top, more dark and thought provoking. Which suits the insane bark of vocalist McKenna Holland. On “Valley of Suffering” there is some cool melodic guitar work, but that’s all you’re getting. No fruity bullshit needed. They let the riffs do the devastating.

Desert Wastelands Productions knows their shit putting out a band like Tribal Gaze. 20mins of quality that will be in rotation until they release the next one!! Highly recommended. (Skye_Dogg)