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Fleshrot – Demo 2020 [Demo]

fleshrot – demo 2020 [demo]

There’s something about this demo that really caught my eye. Perhaps the alluring, daunting album cover giving homage to B rated campy horror flicks with a sweet, dripping Fleshrot centered logo to remind us that Death Metal and horror flicks will always go together.

Fleshrot is a four piece from Lubbock, TX and this Demo 2020 is a great fucking debut that’s already leaving us wanting more. This teaser consists of four tracks, with “Procession” and “Interment” being a continuation of each other. Also wanted to point out that I appreciate their creativity for coming up with the titles to appropriately correlate with the rise and fall of spiritual beings to the beginning and end of this demo. “Procession” and “Interment” give off a retro theme as if you’re stuck out in the middle of the woods after fucking around all night getting lost and to get through it all, you have to manuver you’re way around a swampy, misty, forest and this instrumental is sealing your fate, because you know damn well you won’t make it out alive. It’s got some synth thrown in with dark undertones and a somber feeling that death will strike at any fucking second.

“Twisted Visions Prevail”, is an instant classic hit, coming in slow with a faint riff that reminds me of the Twilight Zone theme, so heavy and powerful to seep from doom to fast riffs with the vocals to match perfectly. Especially love when the drums come in at 2:13, unf! Their other track “Bubbling Cerebric Waste” is an absolute headbanger. Short and sweet with a dope riff at 2:12 leading toward the end of the song.

I can’t wait to see what these guys come out with next (hopefully within this year, fingers crossed). (Tori Belle)