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Vivisect – Vivisect [EP]

vivisect – vivisect [ep]

Quartet based out of Trenton, New Jersey, these guys were formed as of 2018, releasing a previous demo 2019. Featuring Dan Sclavi (vocals,guitar), Randy Cavanaugh (guitars), Mike Polio/M.W. (drums, synth), and C.G. (bass); this three track EP is just a little taste of what’s to come from these guys. Cover art created by Gruesomegraphx showcasing gorgeous hues of red and black with well defined features, as if a demon overdid it on rat poisoning/hydrochloric acid and red bubbly cloud of smog is coming out of its mouth.

I’m really LOVING the use of synths as intros for numerous EPs and LPs that’s being released lately. This is no exception. “Intro” was conducted by M.W. and my only complaint is that it isn’t long enough (it is but I’m just being selfish) Shifting into the next track “Order of The Solar Temple” kicks in with Sclavi’s swampy, guttural vocals and M.W.’s fast drumming, slowing down briefly at 0:49-1:19, and again at 2:21-2:51, leading into a main breakdown at 3:12, touch of C.G.’s sweet bass notes hitting at 3:50-3:53, then BAM change of tempo for the remainder with M.W. blast beats and Cavanaugh to finish off with a wailing outro solo starting at 4:39. “Rat Torture” really showcases M.W.’s percussion skills, from blast beats, to appropriately slowing down to compliment the vocals and give an OSDM groove sound to it.

Really admire these few tracks featured on this EP and can only hope these guys will bring us an LP (or perhaps another EP with a few extra songs, JUST SAYING) within the year. (Tori Belle)