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Charnel Altar – Charnel Altar [Demo]

charnel altar – charnel altar [demo]


These words have probably been used before, but I’m just gonna use them again. Cavernous. Filthy. Lower than a snake’s belly. Well. okay that’s two words and a phrase but they each tell a story about this band, and what a fucking band we have here before us. Australia’s Charnel Altar aren’t just dicking around in caverns here folks, they damn well live in one and like to scare the bejesus out of anyone who dares poke their head in. Imagine some bunch of mad fuckers that live in a cave near your local beach that may be somewhat unstable and own a guitar, a bass, and a drum kit. You go down for a wander one day and all you can hear is incoherent guttural babbling, and people flogging the shite out of their instruments because they wouldn’t talk to them the night before, but you are fascinated nonetheless. Something about the way these mad fuckers are going off draws you in, so you take your shoes off, tread lightly onto the sand and make your way over to that great big hole in the cliff face.

The sound gets louder as you approach, as do most thing’s when you walk towards them instead of the other way, and then you are there, and you slowly peek around the entrance, and see nothing but filth everywhere, so you walk in tentatively, clear some space, and just sit and listen to this oddly soothing racket. As your eyes adjust, you see several passages leading down further into the darkness, and it sounds like the all hell is breaking loose, but it’s so good, you just stay there. No need to follow one of those passages, none at all you say to yourself. After all, what kind of monstrosity could make such sounds….

Four tracks of utter darkness await you here my friends, if only you are brave enough to follow the sound, and trust your primal instincts. This is music for the ages, the kind of stuff that made cavemen draw horrors on stone. I cannot recommend it enough, and yes, you will find me in that cave, shivering and cold, driven half mad by hunger, but unable to leave, for I am truly captivated. (The Great Mackintosh)

Charnel Altar

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