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Putrid Tomb – Consuming the Diseased [Demo]

putrid tomb – consuming the diseased [demo]

Friday night, rough week at work. Fuckin’ stressed out and in need of some fine Belgian ale to ease my nerves. After consuming halve a dozen pints my mood starts to turn, time to put on some Death Metal tunes to paint a grin on my face. “Consuming the pints”, ooops… “Consuming the Diseased” is Putrid Tomb’s first four track demo tape. Based in San Diego, puking out Death Metal for the whole world to get sick to. Desert Wastelands Productions signed these guys up, giving them a platform for unleashing this old school carnage upon us, human weaklings.

To break open this rusty cage of maggots, the title track drops a massive, mean, old school Death Metal groove in my messy living room. Almost smashing my head into my stained desk whilst banging my middle aged head. Now i know what Madonna was talking about while she moaned “Get into the groove”. Second festering boil “Cerebral Deterioration” starts off with some cheesy Opeth-like sensitive bullshit, only to smash you in your scabby, wrinkled scrotum with a sloppy blast. Didn’t see that coming, but what the heck, I’ll put it on rewind to hit my scrotum a second time.

If you like some groovy, crunchy old school Death Metal with a serious Autopsy hunch to it, this might be your next thing. As I was banging and drinking my troubles away, my youngest son asked me with a worrying look in his eyes if i was suffering from an epileptic seizure, my oldest walked by my desk checking out if there wasn’t any foam on my lips, predicting rabies-like aggressiveness.

Who are these guys? Let’s check out their Instagram page. Their posts show two young dudes jamming with ease and souplesse, the drummer even looks like a young Chris Reifert but sounds like Chris Barnes on Cannibal Corpse’s “Butchered at Birth”. Nice, another promising band to follow. Keep it up guys, I’ll probably strain my muscles and self inflict a concussion, but hey, it’ll beat a scabby scrotum any day of the week. (Franki_boj)