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Misotheist – For the Glory of Your Redeemer

misotheist – for the glory of your redeemer


When Terratur Possessions teased the preview track `Beast and Soil’, a song that would later appear on Misotheist’s self-titled debut release, I was immediately entranced by the grandiose riffs and suffocating atmosphere. A massive wall of guitar sound with pummeling drums and subtle melodies created an imposing blend of Black Metal, and one of my personal favorite albums in the rich discography of the renowned label.

The debut featured a heavy production that immediately grabbed the listener by the throat as soon as the songs kicked in. On the 2021 follow-up album `For the Glory of Your Redemeer’ the production is slightly clearer and a little less heavy on the murkiness, yet the material has lost little of that overwhelming suffocating and eerie edge. Furthermore, the enhanced clarity gives room to a slightly expanded soundscape, where at times many different things that happen can be clearly distinguished. One such example is in the massive closing track `Acts of Flesh’, where signs of a more dissonant and chaotic side of Misotheist reveal itself amongst heavy Black Metal riffs, subtle guitar licks and varied drum fills. One could argue that even hints of Deathspell Omega can be heard at times, but mostly Misotheist has cemented a sound of their own. As on the debut, the hoarse and intense vocals are a perfect complement to the oppressive Black Metal. Where the self-titled release had its standout track in `Beast and Soil’, the three tracks that constitute `For the Glory of Your Redeemer’ each have their own standout moments. Improving upon the debut seemed a tall order, but with `For the Glory of Your Redeemer’ Misotheist have shown they are a Black Metal force to reckon with. (VincentP)

Misotheist [NOR]

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