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Kringa – Feast upon the Gleam

kringa – feast upon the gleam

I am a fucking crazy about this circle of maniacs in Austria and all the bands different members are involved in, including Hagzissa, RIB, Brånd, Whiskey Ritual and more. Every band is unique yet incorporate an old 80’s punk sound without all the pc sentiment. But…Wast we have here is the debut album of Kringa, though they have been around for some years now and have some demos and a mini-LP under their bullet belts.

This album is dark as the abyss from the first riff, and yes, you will hurt your neck from banging your fucking head because not only does this already have that 80’s punk vibe, it also reeks of 80’s Metal as well. Of course, both are just influences I imagine as this is Black Metal, make no mistake. Perfectly crafted songs placed perfectly so it flows all the way through. No need to hit stop as it deserves your full attention. Pitch black and never coming back, these maniacs are definitely gathering the hordes in Austria for domination of the scene.

Keep a close eye on the Austrian Black Metal scene, as of recent times, a lot of great and unique releases have been vomited from there including this raw as road rash, yet very listenable Black Metal gem. Give it a listen and judge for yourself, you may just find some killer music you have never heard…(LOD666)