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Garden of Eyes – Demo 2019 [Demo]

garden of eyes – demo 2019 [demo]

Some Old School Death Metal from the UK with a Swedish influenced sound but with a doomy approach or as the main man calls it; dungeon-dwelling soundscape. Garden of Eyes is the brainchild of an individual called Nattskog, who also is active in acts like AbbatoirOvGoats, Chernobyl Mutation Experiment, Graven Crypt Tower and Sykelig Englen among others. And when you sum up all the releases he made the last couple of years as well as the fact the he has his own webzine and a label, it is almost like he denies the existence of time.

It is not cavern enough to categorize it as such Death Metal, nor it is not Swedish enough to give it that label. Doom/Death will do the trick and it is not a bad 2-track demo. You can hear the murky ideas of Nattskog in the vein of Corpsessed but not executed in a way to give a blind-folded recommendation as the drum-programming is a bit out of control during the up-tempo parts. Still…curious what the future beholds for Garden of Eyes. (Ricardo)