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Pagan Moon – Deathlike Journeys [Demo]

pagan moon – deathlike journeys [demo]

The US have been, for many years, seen as a minor player in the game of Black Metal. Absu or Judas Iscariot, VON or Xasthur, Leviathan or Black Witchery, Black Funeral or Deafheaven… well, Deafheaven might stir the boat (I did it just to upset the purists). These bands achieved legendary status, or have started being seen as extremely valid responses to what European Black Metal had to offer.

One will always see Europe as the birthplace of Black Metal, and I truly believe that that leads to people ignore the amount of good music that is around. The USA have been, over the last few years, delivering amazing Black Metal ,especially the one that lives in the Rawer side of the spectrum. Pagan Moon is a relatively new band, having been created in 2018 by a single musician – LH – and having edited, to date, 2 Demos and 1 Split (with Arnor). “Deep Amongst Glowing Candelabra” showcases a musician that has lived through the 90s brilliant ages, and has found a way to, superbly, craft a beast that feeds from the Rawer and Harsher side of Black Metal, as well as the Melodic and Atmospheric strand.

“Deathlike Journeys” shows a musician well aware of the power of the riff. The main riff in this song is superb. It carries melody and strength, it is an epic riff! Pagan Moon’s music is quite close to Norwegian Black Metal from the 90s, with those Folk inspired riffs and overall structure. It risks being one of my AOTY, without a doubt. And the Demo ends up with a Dungeon Synth like track, “Melchizedek Filth Ritual Sure Sign of the Fool”. Perfection. (DanielP)