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Inferno Requiem – Nüwa [Re-Release]

inferno requiem – nüwa [re-release]

Black Metal is all about feelings and emotions. One’s personal perspective of beliefs and spiritual line of thought. And how does that convert into Music? Well, I dare say it does depend on each one of us, and our idea of spiritual and spirituality. And where does Inferno Requiem come into all of this?

A fair question. Inferno Requiem is one of those entities that channels ancient philosophies into its musical creations, taking the listener on a journey through Dark and Morbid places. Fog, the mastermind on top of the pulpit, preaches the ways of Old, rituals and gatherings. Atmospheric approach to Black Metal, interlaced with the rawest facet of his vision of Black Metal. As stated right from the top: Black Metal is much more than Music, Black Metal is the creation of ambiences and hypnotising momentum, energies focused on the liberation of the being from the stagnation of the mundane. Inferno Requiem’s music thrives on passion and senses.

It leads the way for moments of Rage and Destruction. Cold and Fog surround the creature, that slowly walks towards the end of days. Reminiscence of 90’s Black Metal and its eerie years of Possession and Glory. (DanielP)