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Obscure Infinity – Putrefying Illusions

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What do we have here…Obscure Infinity from Germany playing a vein of death metal of which I applaud the fact that a “new” band has the balls to do that. Obscure Infinity dares to storm the 1990’s Swedish Blackened Death Metal Throne. And may I add…quite successful! During the track “Collecting a Disastrous Sun” one wanders through the era of Dissection’s “The Somberlain” and Unanimated’s “In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead” with a ditto production. Even the vocals are mixed in the vein of Unanimated’s Micke Jansson during their debut. Or just hear the solo during “Ascension-Kenosis”, it’s guaranteed a stroll down memory lane. And there are three instrumental tracks which gives you a Dissection’s “Into Infinite Obscurity” (heeeey…wait a minute…) feeling. So is it a total copy you ask? Well…they do tend to blend in some slower Asphyx riffs (without the typical Asphyx sound) in the tracks or wink a bit at Darkthrone’s “Soulside Journey”. Also the occasionally twin solos came unexpected to be honest. But if your reaction on all that is “Blegh!”, you’re reading the wrong zine. As a huge sucker for this kind of death metal, I really enjoyed every second of this album. If you worship the albums I mentioned as well, you do yourself a huge favour to get this one in your collection! (Ricardo)