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Daemonlust – Daemonlust [EP]

daemonlust – daemonlust [ep]


Though the band was already founded back in 2006, Daemonlust is not quite a very well known band within the Finnish Black Metal scene. The fact that they are not on the top of most people’s minds when it comes to the much revered Finnish Black Metal scene has, judging from their music, very little to do with the offered quality. But, most likely even more so because of their relative inactivity for the most part of their almost two decades of existence.

This eponymous EP is Daemonlust’s fifth release, with the majority of them being released in the last couple of years, does not make them the most prolific band around. Whether this has anything to do with the duo behind Daemonlust also being active in a handful of other bands over the past years remains somewhat unclear, but regardless of the reason, the lack of output should not discourage you.

These four tracks, with a playing time of just over 20 minutes, gives you quite a suitable introduction of the band. It shows Daemonblut being quite an all-round Black Metal band, yet not necessarily in the Finnish Black Metal tradition. Its predominantly slow pace boarders the so-called Depressive Black Metal genre, but the duo does not shy away from some faster bursts and looks to enhance their music with some almost ritualistic sections and some shreds of melody. Yet its raw and borderline lo-fi production makes it not quite an easy listening record, instead it offers thoroughly piercing and sharp edged Black Metal. The haunting vocals further pushes the music in its unsettling ambiance.

As a whole the music sounds very versatile and even dynamic within its own scope. The slightly ritualistic passages, like the closing minutes of the EP, that is layered on a basis of more standard Norse riffs and lamenting vocals definitely give it a rather unique atmosphere. Interested parties should head to Out Of The Dungeon. Yet, for now this EP has only been released on CD but a vinyl version is to be expected at some point in the future as well.


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