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Inquisitor – Dungeons of Fear [Demo]

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Don’t you just love all those cassette releases nowadays? I think it’s awesome this kind of format is making an impact again. Alright, that’s enough from this old sod and his “grandpa, tell us another story how it used to be better decades ago”-moment…This is not the resurrected Dutch Inquisitor, but the Portugese one. And this Inquisitor are just making some nice Speed/Thrash Metal in the Teutonic vein. The good thing about this kind of style; if the vocalist doesn’t ruin it with mediocre vocals, you’re halfway there. The other half is a good balance of rhythm and leads. And let me tell you, Inquisitor has the good vocalist (Black/Thrash like, with occasional high pitched scream) and the right balance between the rhythm section and leads. You won’t hear nothing new on these 4 tracks (3 of their own and 1 cover of Brazilian Speed Thrashers Flageladör), but hell, it’s Speed/Thrash…what do you expect? And sure, it’s done better as well, but it’s a fun listen while having friends over for a beer or two. Just like it’s meant to be. (Ricardo)