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Desaster / Decayed – Desaster / Decayed [Split]

desaster / decayed –  desaster / decayed [split]

A cracking little 7” EP release from Hellprod Records featuring German Black Thrashers Desaster and Portuguese Black Metal trio Decayed. Desaster open proceedings on side A with ‘Await the Immolation’ who’s creeping spoken word intro soon shuffles aside for a furious display of athletic drumming, maniacal riffs and a grim, tortured vocal offering. “Await the Immolation” is cold, driven and punishing and by the end slows to a crawl, an ominous, poisoned melody on crushing intensity

In contrast, Side B sees Decayed’s offering, “Ritos de Iniciacao” (Initiation Rites) is a more upbeat affair, still on the dark and pummeling side of things and a little more ravenous in it’s approach but also with a more rough shod sound, fast brawling and triumphant.

A very decent split release, one for Black Metal collectors and enthusiasts worldwide to devour. (Heathen of the Horde)