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Hellish Grave – Hell No Longer Waits

hellish grave – hell no longer waits

Leather jackets, blasphemy, spikes, sex, bullet belts and beer…Hellish Grave is here! After two EPs and their debut album filled with Black / Speed Metal and track titles like “Get Ready for Satan”, “One Night in Hallucinations” and “Demon’s Child (Addicted to Sexxx)”, these Brazilians release their second album “Hell No Longer Waits” through Helldprod Records on CD and a co-operation of 3 Brazilian labels on limited cassette.

The beauty of this kind of Metal is the simplicity to describe it and the same simplicity to just enjoy it. This kind of formula hasn’t been changed for decades so you will hear some old school Heavy/Speed Metal riffs, howling leads, rockin’ and galloping Black Metal along with demonic raspy Black Metal vomits and a combination of Bathory, old Sodom and Venom on one hand and Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate on the other one. Having this in mind you will not be surprised there is a Running Wild cover on it as well.

Original as fuck, tasty as hell, grab a beer and just enjoy Hellish Grave’s “Hell No Longer Waits” with me. (Ricardo)