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Açoite – Açoite

açoite – açoite

This badass quartet does nothing to hide their influences: relentless late 80s Brazilian insanity that drinks from the goblet the most brutal Sextrash, Sepultura or Sarcofago served ever since.

Fortunately, they reminded blast beats are not everything that makes a Death / Thrash band sound brutal; Orlando (the drummer) adds some groovy D-beat rhythms which, inserted to the intentional bass-heavy production make it sound as albums such as “Into the Grave” (Grave) or “Schizophrenia” (Sepultura); in a fewer words, it sounds HUGE.

Lyrically they command us to surrender to the underground movement, be it an ideological-religious thing (the left hand path) or a social one (rejection of traditional values and capitalism as a symbol of progress). All in all an interesting album that is catchy from the first listen. Snap! (Diego E.)