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Gravedäncer – Ripping Metal [Demo]

gravedäncer – ripping metal [demo]

We have got some first wave Black Metal bad asses with this demo tape! Brazil’s Gravedäncer brings us back to the mid-80s with some Heavy/Speed Metal with all the proto-Black Metal vibes one could ask for. The group includes members of Speed/Thrash Metal band, Flageladör and Death/Thrash Metal band, Tyranno. Brazil always brings the heat when it comes to metal and Gravedäncer carries that torch along. Check these guys out if you love those 80s bands with satanic imagery/lyrics, which inspired so many bands in the 90s and beyond. I am hearing influences from early Bathory, Venom, Sarcofago, Hellhammer, and so many others. This is the first release from this group that I can find, and its full release is at the end of January 2021 on Helldprod Records.

Get ready to pull out your leather jacket, your tight ass jeans and to bang your fucking head, because this demo is really solid on all fronts. The guitars and bass have a clear heavy metal sound, the riffs and song structure would fit perfectly if this release was put out in the 80s. The production is a little clean, but overall is crunchy and dark. The vocals are quite reminiscent of Cronos from Venom. There is a ton of influence from Venom, even a well done cover track of “Welcome to Hell”. If you are looking for some 80s fueled degenerates blasting  evil, satanic Heavy/Speed Metal all of your face, you’ve found the place you are looking for! My only complaint, is that they could go even more raw and dirty on the production. Loving everything they are throwing my way. However, I feel it would hit the spot even harder with filthier production value. Really digging this demo and am excited to see what Gravedäncer provides for us down the road. (Fetid Priest of Pestilence)