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Krushhammer – Blood, Violence & Blasphemy

krushhammer – blood, violence & blasphemy


I do love the simple things in life. I am just fine when things are predictable. Admitted, I also like to have a musical surprise every now and then, but I am always up for some old schooled metal that just make you want to do a solo-mosh and bang your head against just whatever you can find, throw your lukewarm beer against the wall and fist bang along with some catchy violence. That is the sort of music that Krushhammer provides, an aggressive headbanger that mixes all the best of Black and Thrash Metal.

In fact there is very little to say about this debut album of the Brazilian Krushhammer. It clocks just under 30 minutes and has all the best of bands like Desaster, Nocturnal, Cruel Force, Deathhammer, Deströyer 666 and Aura Noir, basically a very German sound of Blackened Thrash Metal with lots of Sodom, Destruction and other proto-Black Thrash. Some of this kind of bands do tend to be a bit too standard and lack that pure catchy energy to really give the music that much deserved and necessary spark. Krushhammer certainly has all the right things going on. It is dynamic enough when it comes to different speeds and drum fills, has very catchy melodies and the singer seems like a possessed maniac with a raging vocal attack and even some genuine falsetto screams. Of course some might find this outdated, but since you are still reading this, I am quite sure you don’t, so just get your fckn bulletbelts and proto-war paint out, put on this great Krusher and Hammer it down at 666 decibels and bark along (preferably out of tune)!