Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Flageladör – Predileção pelo Macabro

flageladör – predileção pelo macabro

Sorry for my French, but what this bands name means, I have no fucking clue. My Portuguese is not that good – let’s be straight forward – I only know Cristiano Ronaldo, so if you want to know that answer, take contact with the band as you wish.

Now about the music…the intro titled “Entre o Martelo e a Bigorna” will set most people on the wrong foot, cause when listening to it, I thought I had to deal with a Heavy or Power metal band. Luckily for us, they shift gears in the second track that opens the curtains of some kind of Speed Metal, but then in a modern version – so you can strikethrough bands like Agents of Steel and Exciter.

Nope, not Speed Metal the way I like it, therefore there are too many mid-paced tracks audible and some repetitive choruses in some tracks. Listen for example to ‘”Queimando nas Chamas do Heavy Metal” where you think your cd falters into your stereo at the end.

It seems they’re responsible for the Speed/Thrash rebirth in Brazil, so thank you for that, but generally seen I expected something better and sometimes I’m sitting on my hunger concerning the ‘Thrash’ parts here. Oh yes, did I mention they sing in their native language? Well they do, but it’s not annoying and it doesn’t bother me on this release. (Fredde)