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Nethermancy – Worship Evil Sacrifice

nethermancy – worship evil sacrifice


The roots of Nethermancy dig deep into the Portuguese Black Metal scene, having been formed over 25 years ago and with some of its members commited to the local Black metal scene as early as the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s. That ‘Worship Evil Sacrifice’, the band’s fourth full-length record, is heavily influenced by ancient acts therefore may not come as a surprise.

The musical basis of the band can be traced to the founders of the genre, with Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer as main sources of Nethermancy’s riffs. In ‘Mood Fo Ssroc (Cross of Doom)’ this almost takes on an Obituary like shape, but these Americans of course were heavily inspired by Hellhammer in the first place. One cannot deny a strong hint of Samael on ‘Worship Evil Sacrifice’ as well. In a lot of ways Nethermancy has the same primitive approach as a band like Archgoat, another act that may still be very active these days but never lost that distinct primeval Black Metal sound. One major difference with the Finns is the much raspier vocal approach and less distorted guitar sound, although the same untamed wildness lurks in the sound of the Portuguese. The other discerning feature of Nethermancy is the frequent use of organ-like keyboards that give it a distinct occult sound. The best comparison of how these enhance the sound is Abysmal Grief, a band playing a totally different style yet with the same oppressive and bewitching result. And for the attentive listener, riffs in the vein of early Gorgoroth and Dødheimsgard (‘Nuclear Christ Armageddon’), ‘Those of the Unlight’ era Marduk (‘Satanic Black Mass’) and Emperor and Tormentor (‘Death Sermon’) can be discovered in the songs as well.

From the bands listed you get the picture: first wave Black Metal with some early second wave additions garnished with effective use of organs used to great effect. The blend of these influences is exquisite and a major leap forward compared to the band’s previous records. What better way to describe the occult ritual that is ‘Worship Evil Sacrifice’ than the brilliant artwork that graces the cover.


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