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Toxik Attack – Assassinos em Série

toxik attack – assassinos em série

I can imagine Toxik Attack has a dilemma. On one hand you have some speedy traditional Thrash Metal created with your brothers in crime, of which some you’re together with since day 1 and on the other hand one of those brothers isn’t the best vocalist out there. And I’m being nice here…

Although the music just stays 1980s American-like Thrash with some winks towards the NWOBHM-scene during the whole album, the vocal diversity goes from high pitched screams/squeals to heroic like attempt of singing. And all in between….but all not done in a good way and out of sync even. And I’m being nice here…

I wish them all the best, but if they want to go places they should have a good conversation about the vocals and if I were them, it would be a monologue. (Ricardo)