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Diabolic Night – Beyond the Realm

diabolic night – beyond the realm

“Beyond the Realm” is the debut album from German blackened Speed merchants Diabolic Night being released by High Roller Records.

Diabolic Night take everything great about classic Heavy Metal bands such as ripping guitar solos, catchy hooks, fist pumping riffs, neck breaking gallops and play them at demonic speeds. Think Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Heavy Load being pumped full of blackened steroids and amphetamines. The guitars are up front and in your face the entire listen with equally visceral rhythms and lead attacks while the bass is thumping around in the back doing some creative lines reminiscent of 70s hard rock. Drums keep the whole speed train moving along with thundering kicks and quick cymbal regiments. Vocals are gruff and throaty, kind of like old school German Thrash bands.

Heavy Metal underground is alive and thriving in 2019, you can add Diabolic Night to the list of bands keeping the flame lit. (Ted Gloom)