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Schafott – The Black Flame

schafott – the black flame

Germany is a good place for metal, something we certainly know since some decades. Germans are big fans of the thrashy spectrum of metal and so are Schafott from Saxony. Founded in 2011 (at least that`s what is written in the info sheet, metal archives has a later year of formation) these guys released a solid demo in 2014 and now 3 years later they release a captivating black/thrash output entitled „The Black Flame“. Straight forward pushing blackened thrash with gang shouts here and there, tremolo picking till hand amputation, perfectly fitting vocals, smashing drums, more than solid bass work (yes, has got It`s solos too), heavy metal induced melodic guitar leads, everything the thrashy maniac wants. Nothing really new but hell, damn good executed. The twin guitar harmonies are some of the highlights. More of them on the next album please. (DPF)