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Slaughter Messiah – Cursed to the Pyre

slaughter messiah – cursed to the pyre

Lord Sabathan is an old school fanatic, be it the extreme kind of Metal or the Heavy/Speed one, the man has played in such a band or is playing still. He is mostly knows for his work with Enthroned ‘till 2006, but after the Enthroned years he participated or started acts like Heinous, Horacle and the deadly Black/Thrash horde of Slaughter Messiah.

After 2 demos and 3 EPs High Roller Records took the liberty to release the debut full-length “Cursed to the Pyre”, which has also a cassette edition by Pub Metal Shop with the easily recognizable artwork by SadEx maniac Rok.

With both feet in the old 80s Teutonic Thrash scene, especially the vocals which sounds as early Mille Petrozza, Slaughter Messiah combines early Slayer, Deströyer 666 and Suicidal Winds with the aforementioned German scene to create a decent diabolical Black/Thrash debut. (Ricardo)