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Bestialord – Law of the Burning

bestialord – law of the burning

A new band from Kansas is on the map under the name of Bestialord, featuring (ex)-members from Sanctus Infernum, Manilla Road and so on. “Law of the Burning” is their first output and also their debut album. The band plays Death/Doom with a strong Thrash vibe, more on the groovy side of the spectrum and a good doses of old Doom. This together with the warm and not over pumped production gives it some kind of ancient feeling without sounding retro. Take some Death (“Spiritual Healing”), Infernäl Majesty, some Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Goatlord and you got an idea how the band could sound and the vocals have a lot in common with Don of the Dead of Nunslaughter. This is the sound for a walk on old graveyards….The spirit lives, the mood is here. It`s old, it`s muddy, it`s dirty, it`s uncomfortable, it`s something you already witnessed but still gives you shivers down the spine. Being almost on mid/slower tempos it`s perfectly meant to bang your head. This is not for the technical wankers, nor for the avant-gardists. This is for traditionalists who love catchy, easy listening songs who still can kick ass and are cool for a midnight trip on the cemetery. Great mid 80s proto death that still has something to offer, most for being not too complicated but being catchy and with the extra bonus of good song writing skills to make it interesting. Killjoy would have liked it for sure. Old School reigns! (DPF)