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Diabolical Fullmoon – The Depths Of The Slavic Country [EP]

diabolical fullmoon – the depths of the slavic country [ep]


Contrary to what you might expect, this is not an Immortal cover band, nor does it have much to do musically with Norwegian Black Metal. For me, Diabolical Fullmoon’s previous releases were still unfamiliar territory, so I had some homework to do. During that musical exploration into the story of this Polish band, I noticed that on the cover of their full-length album one of the band members is wearing a Fullmoon shirt. This puts the band name in a somewhat clearer light. As far as I can see, Diabolical Fullmoon does not propagate the same ideology of Fullmoon, but musically they draw from similar vessels.

That we are dealing with a Polish Black Metal band is easy to hear anyway, comparisons with Veles and especially Graveland are easily drawn. The epic Black Metal played with basic instruments and Pagan slant sounds authentic and comes seemingly very natural. The band also adds keyboards, which interact with the raw but at the same time full guitar riff to create a gloomy and dark atmosphere. The dynamics in the different tempos and the well-recorded drums add another ingredient to the success of this 7″ EP. But it is the remarkably well-fitting production that provides the icing on the proverbial cake, when you listen to these songs and close your eyes you wouldn’t necessarily expect these to have been recorded only recently. So, kudos for proudly upholding the Eastern European Black Metal flag.

That these gentlemen take their task as protagonists of (Polish) Black Metal seriously can also be seen in the formation of an alliance, as we do see more in, for instance, the Chilean Black Metal scene. Along with the likes of Obscure Twilight, Regnat Infernum and Spectral Knight (the latter of wich I also recently reviewed the ‘Awakening Of Barbarism’ demo) these Poles call themselves the ‘Southern Resistance’. Despite the fact that much of this clique-formation is often laughed at, I can only applaud this indomitable passion of these musicians, especially when it also produces such great little works as ‘The Depths Of The Slavic Country’.

Diabolical Fullmoon

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