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Moenen of Xezbeth – Forever Rotting Winter [EP]

moenen of xezbeth – forever rotting winter [ep]

Ah here they are again, The Obscurity from Belgium. Maybe you’ve read my review on their debut album “Ancient Spells of Darkness…”, but I was and still am totally surprised and intrigued by their Dark Black Metal. The fact that a lot of Black Metal adepts consider it as their “album of the year” says a lot of the quality of their song writing.

On this 7” EP you will hear two new songs that are haunting slow or has a sinister mid-tempo pace and like on their debut the riffs, song writing, the pace changes and the use of the synthesizer are outstanding. Also with these 2 songs of Occult Black Metal, Samael’s “Worship Him” is the main influence concerning song writing. So it is not that strange that a label called “Medieval Prophecy” is releasing this EP. (Ricardo)