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Forbidden Temple – Passage To Dark Eternity / Presence Of An Unholy Force [EP]

forbidden temple – passage to dark eternity / presence of an unholy force [ep]


Formed in 2017, this Belgian Black Metal duo has already treated us to a fairly extensive discography; a large amount of demo and rehearsal tapes, a couple of EP’s and one full-length album. This 7″ EP is the latest in that line-up and continues the lineage of what we have heard on the previous releases.

These Belgians take their influence from primal Black Metal from all corners of the world. It sounds like a dirty mix between bands like Barathrum, Necromantia, Goatlord, Mortuary Drape, Samael, Mystifier and Beherit. Both tracks on this 7″ EP are mostly mid-tempo with the occasional short burst where some proto-blasts can be heard, but the emphasis is clearly on creating a dark and ominous atmosphere. This is achieved by inserting that alternation in speeds and the eerie-sounding keyboards in the background. The buzzing Beherit-like guitar sound and (very) basic drums also add to the archaic atmosphere. It all sounds very primitive, but nowhere forced. On the contrary, it sounds very organic and natural, and Forbidden Temple provides exactly that familiar late 80’s and very appealing sound. That sound, by the way, is raw, primitive, dark and dense, but is nowhere unlistenable on this 7″ EP. The productions is actually remarkably clear, yet darker than on the bands’ previous 7” EP, ‘A Tempest Through The Graves’ (2019, Gramschap). As a result, the background keyboards, for instance, come into their own and maybe better than ever.

Despite the fact that these gents clearly have their musical preferences – I don’t think they will ever have much use for newfangled Black Metal – their mishmash still sounds fresh and exciting. With bands like Moenen Of Xezbeth, Perverted Ceremony and Forbidden Temple, the Belgian Black Metal scene really does bring something special to the table.