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Regnum Tenebrarum – Légendes Noires [EP]

regnum tenebrarum – légendes noires [ep]


After the 2020 ‘Des Enfers’ EP, also released via Medieval Prophecy Records, things went quiet for a while around Regnum Tenebrarum, who hail from the French part of Belgium. But then, in early February of this year, the gentlemen returned with another EP, ‘Légendes Noires’. Whereas the previous EP came out on 12″ EP and cassette tape, this time they have chosen to release this seven song EP on 12″ vinyl and CD, fans of the cassette tape will either be disappointed or will have to wait a while.

However, that disappointment can only focus on the sound carrier, because musically there is nothing to complain about. Once again, the music on ‘Légendes Noires’ sounds like an ode to the underground Black Metal of the late 90’s and early 00’s. What we are presented with is a hugely well-crafted mix between the more standard and riff-focused Black Metal of bands like Sargeist (‘Satanic Black Devotion’), Judas Iscariot (‘Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten’) and maybe even Moonblood. But Regnum Tenerarum drench it in a slew of more Atmospheric Black Metal elements; making it a little folky and even somewhat dreamy at times. This is well reflected in the acoustic and medieval-sounding ‘Interlude’ or the somewhat epic closing track ‘Dies Irae’, with the latter more than living up to its God-fearing artwork.

While the music may not be too sharp in tone, partly due to the somewhat subtle addition of keyboards providing the necessary atmosphere in the background, the devil of ‘Légendes Noires’ is mainly in the vocal part. Vocalist Cherna Dusha (also in Orkblut) shows his best side, creaking, squeaking but mostly full of hatred and horror, he vomits his anger into the songs. He too contributes to the beautiful dynamic and organic sound, which is further enhanced by the near-perfect production.

Clearly, Regnum Tenebrarum have managed to forge a little gem that is a new addition to the ever impressive Belgian Black Metal scene. Obviously, Medieval Prophecy Records plays a key role in this scene, proving time and again that everything the label releases can be purchased blindly.

Regnum Tenebrarum

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