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Niaisny – U Zmroku I Cieniu Śmiarotnym [Demo]

niaisny – u zmroku i cieniu Śmiarotnym [demo]


The Belarussian band Niaisny released their first demo tape in 2021, just like this second one also through Medieval Prophecy Records. On that first offering they presented a sort of Black Metal that has strong resemblances to the BlazeBirth Hall scene, and to me personally especially Branikald came close to the ambience presented by Niaisny. This second demo was something that I was particularly looking out for.

What strikes most, compared to the band’s first feat, is the slight change in sound. They seem to have opted for a slightly clearer production, which gives the music a bit of a brighter atmosphere. But this has to be seen in context, Niaisny still shows a pretty oppressive piece of Black Metal with still a considerable raw production. Musically the band has also moved on a bit, it’s a little less that dreary of Branikald, but it’s still overtly Eastern European/Russian in nature. Some hints of Drudkh could already be heard on the previous work, but that has been further developed on this new demo and seems to be the musical direction the band wants to take. The somewhat dull sound provides wonderful contrast against the long stretched and deeply melodic riffs, together painting a emotional piece of Black Metal that is clearly rooted in Eastern European folk. The bass guitar is also much more audible on this demo and immediately leaves a thick mark on the music, the very creative deep tones are definitely of great value. This new tape is undeniably a huge step up from the already very decent debut demo. In short: fans of Drudkh or Ygg can definitely enjoy this. I would definitely and kindly ask Medieval Prophecy Records to print both demos on a vinyl record, equally done with both Gouffre demos, this is definitely worth wider distribution.


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