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1997; fuckin’ 22 years ago…3 ugly bastards (we could have been a spin-off of The Young Ones) from The Netherlands started a fanzine called Vampire Magazine. Yep, we couldn’t come up with a cheesier name. After 2 xeroxed issues, it evolved into a lovely HTML-with-animated-gifs webzine in 2000. Fast-forward to 2008; Vampire Magazine transforms into Archaic Magazine and in 2011 that story ends as well…

15.000 articles in the database vanished in thin air due database corruption, unfortunate timing and bad luck. Fortunately I’m able to retrieve a part of them and planning to publish old reviews and interviews on VM-Underground. Why? Hard work deserves to be published and I think it will give something extra to the website as we reviewed complete discographies of known and unknown acts.

As said, not everything is retrieved but I will combine the articles of 1 band that I’m able to retrieve and publish them altogether.

All articles will be published with their original date of publishing and without editing. So all raw edges, occasional immaturity and flaws when it comes to grammar or the English language in general are kept the way it was. Why ruin imperfect history? Hope you will enjoy reading those old articles, for sure I had a chuckle or two with uploading them. (Ricardo)


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  • Krypts (1 demo review)
  • Watain (2 interviews, 1 demo review, 3 album reviews)