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Atomic Goatcrime – “A bullet through your chest and feel the euphoria of the warlike sound”

atomic goatcrime – “a bullet through your chest and feel the euphoria of the warlike sound”


Atomic Goatcrime, an entity that inverts the doctrine of all that be pious, and with the dissonance of chaos it violates that which bestows peace and light onto hollow souls. Calling upon the vehement and bestial nature of Black Metal, Atomic Goatcrime hailing from Ecuador, signals the trumpets that demolishes the holy and their sanctuaries. I was given the opportunity to engage in conversation with the architect of this vessel, discussing it’s formation as well as the most recent EP,so to you the reader, may these words entice you to become engrossed in this feral energy.

666 infernal hails to you! I extend my gratitude to you for allowing this interview. For those who may not be acquainted with you, please introduce yourself, also can you go into the history of the formation of Atomic Goatcrime, how exactly did this manifest into reality?
Yes, maybe some know me, others don’t, but well, I am one of the founders and guitarist of Desecration of Christ knew as Baalberith and currently founder of Atomic Goatcrime where I call myself Subsonic Decimator.

I decided to create this project a couple of years ago but it was able to start specifically in February 2023 since me the need arose to want to do something that identifies me and something more to my liking, I simply carried it out by composing 4 songs and I decided to launch it, without further ado.

Seeing as you are the sole creator of Atomic Goatcrime, can you tell us what fuels this creation? In terms of your influences, where does it come from? And how much of this makes up Atomic Goatcrime?
Since I started in the world of metal, I knew that I wanted to express my hatred and rejection towards all types of religion and ideologies of retrograde minds that coexist with humans, without exception.

My influences with Atomic Goatcrime start from this own thought, wrapped in a sound aura and lyrics of chaos, war and destruction that has been the music that has raised me this ear hunger and rejection from a very young age musually influenced by bands like Bestial Warlust, Sturmtruppen/Truppenrsturm, Conqueror, Black witchery and similar.


“THERE IS ONLY HATRED OF HUMANITY & CHRISTIAN DEATH” is warning which is slashed across your music, can you divulge into this, how does the entity of Atomic Goatcrime correlate to the aforementioned phrase, but also, regarding the philosophy of Atomic Goatcrime, what does it stand for?
Yeah, as I mentioned, it is my own thought that I adopted with Atomic Goatcrime from the beginning, it is like its slogan and everything that identifies it, since it’s the only thing he deserves this world infested with useless pests that are only there to hinder true progress, imposing divine laws or social parties that end up sinking us further.

We are nothing more than a clear example of those deserving of hatred, death and suffering, and there is no going back.

You’re currently signed to Anti-Human productions, a stellar label with a destructive roster, how exactly did this partnership come together?
I looked for this label, I knew it was the right label to release the first EP and AHP was willing from the beginning to support my project and the truth was that it was key because it fits very well with the theme of Atomic Goatcrime.


Your first offering, the EP, “Atomic Goat Extermination”, was detonated last year (2023), in summary, I believe it is art made into a weapon. Can you walk us through the recording of this EP, but also what was the thought process in conceiving this dissonance and chaos.
I started with the idea in February 2023 and in March I took the time to start composing the instrumental for the first song, It didn’t take me more than 2 days to do it because I was clear about what I wanted to do.

As in previous interviews, I want to clarify that I am not a multi-instrumentalist since many have thought that I also play the drums.

Yes, it is true that I composed all the instruments, I recorded the guitar riffs, bass and vocals, but the drums, even though they were completely composed by me, I want to make it clear that it was not executed in a real way, but rather that it was programmed by computer, I am not a fan of this but the truth is that in the process I did not dislike the sound, I think I achieved a fairly realistic sound for what is a drums and that’s why I decided to leave it like that, I’m currently practicing drums almost full time, something that last year I couldn’t do, much less record myself or get a session drummer, so I think it saved me a lot of time. 

Can fans expect a full length album soon? Also, in terms of the production on the EP, will you continue upon that route, or will you experiment with different shades of chaos?
I don’t want to reveal too much but yes, Atomic Goatcrime will continue making releases, regarding the style and ideology, it will continue to be the same maybe trying different nuances as you say, but the chaos will still be there.

From what I’ve seen, you’ve gathered a full band to play live,so I must ask, when presenting this to a live setting, I assume you select members with a like-minded mindset, who share your vision? In addition to this,what do you expect when you play live, as in what type of atmosphere do you hope to conjure?
I gathered two colleagues provisionally to rehearse the 4 songs of the EP, since last year in October a local show was held in my country, where some bands that shared the same style were there and they asked me to debut with AGC, one Of them, the one who was on bass is Samael, bassist and vocalist of Desecration of Christ and the drummer is a colleague from our city who shares the same musical tastes and mentality as us, at the moment they are not official members, they only supported me to play live at that show.

Atomic Goatcrime is still a one-man project at the moment but we’ll see what happens in the future, and of course, if someone steps into AGC territory, they should be clear about the concept of what I do and at least like the super destructive style, I am not one to choose just anyone for a project like this.

Regarding live shows, I am open to invitations from anywhere, I can put together a lineup with the band again and destroy the stages.

Every artist has an objective when their work is bestowed,in this case,what do you hope the listener will feel when “Atomic Goat Extermination” is heard, what do you wish to awaken within them?
My lyrics are very direct and offensive, the only thing I want to convey as a first impression in each song of Atomic Goatcrime is that you have a bullet through your chest and feel the euphoria of the warlike sound.

Ending with this interview, I want to say once again, many thanks to you for allowing me to have this conversation. I shall leave the last remaining words to you, what would you like to say onto the readers?
Thanks for Reading

The war against the meek will be until the end!

7/3 cordiales.