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Mutilation Rites – Chasm

mutilation rites – chasm

New York based Mutilation Rites are a killer Technical Black/Death Metal band that combine the old school likeness of bands such as Beherit, Satan’s Host, Drawn and Quartered, Viogression, Blood Ritual, Acheron,  Blasphemy and Archgoat. I find them a bit more complex and more technical as far as their style. They seem to draw influences from the modern Technical Death Metal acts commonly found in label Unique Leader and mix it with bands that are on Moribund Records. Their debut “Chasm” is a more technical Black/Death metal album that has made it as one of my latest favorites of his genre. I have to give them kuddos for taking a more original approach to their music.  (Kenneth Necroholocausto Asker)