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Ouija – “Better to be a hungry wolf but free, than a lamb fed but a slave”

ouija – “better to be a hungry wolf but free, than a lamb fed but a slave”


Drenched in the transcendental flame of the stygian fire,the very flame which transfigures sound into the tongue of the serpentine deity, Ouija becomes the conduit onto which a sermon is bestowed to the one who receives its transmissions, baptized in the oil and sulfur of esoteric blackened energy. From the conversation below, may the speech transcribed tempt you to be immersed in Ouija’s aura, to traverse the lines beyond its sonic parables.

Hails to Ouija! This has been an interview i have been looking most forward to conducting, so i sincerely express my thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to do so…let us begin! I’d like to focus on the origin of Ouija, mainly, how did this entity come to be from its conception to a fully fleshed band? I am really curious to know the details, seeing as this band existed since the cusp of Black Metal, what exactly where your influences, both music and medium wise to construct Ouija? In other words, what propelled you to play this style of music?
We are going to begin to tell the story of the creation of OUIJA, in 1995 after the dissolution of our first Death Metal band called Levial, we decided to create a new band but with other concerns and sound, at that time we were already immersed in all that first global wave of Black Metal that hit the entire planet. At first our sound was a fusion between Death and Black, but later in a natural way it evolved to the second mentioned style.

Which bands influenced us at that time, I would tell you an endless number of them but I am going to mention three bands that for me and the rest of the band have always been angular pieces such as MORBID ANGEL, EMPEROR and DISSECTION.

And tell you that I formed a Black Metal band because since my childhood I have loved Metal music and I have always looked for its darkest and most extreme forms, this obviously led to the fact that I ended up listening to this style and then created a band under this flag.

Seeing as Ouija was founded in 1995, this would mean that you were amongst the first bands to play this style in your country? How does it feel looking back on all those years that your band can be viewed as a pinnacle in the realm of Black Metal, also, how did the genre first find you?
As you well say, we are one of the first bands in Spain to play Black Metal, times were very different from the current ones, not for that reason neither better nor worse, each era has its negative and positive side. In my personal case, I would say that I lived that stage with great intensity, I was a teenager and you felt everything in a wilder and more energetic way, as is obvious. In a way, I think that the scene back then was more honest and authentic than today, nowadays everything is more superficial, since the irruption of the internet everything has changed a lot, some things for the better, others for the worse, there is a lot hidden idiots in this virtual space, where sometimes more the image are sold than good music. Things in favor, for example, being able to reach a large audience around the world in a short time with your work. But in short, you have to adapt to current times, whether you like it or not, it is what is there.

If you had to describe the being that is Ouija, to go beyond just its musical element, how would you phrase it into words? What exactly is the philosophy of Ouija and what does it stand for? Also, in regard to the listener, what do you hope they would gain from your music, what experience you would wish upon them?
I would define with two words what Ouija is as a band, honesty and humility, that has always been our flag and will continue to be so. We are very loyal to our roots and principles, how to understand and live this musical style, which is more than music; It is a philosophy of life. Whoever denies their roots is worthless, you always have to know who you are and where you came from, that is the key.

I believe, I am not the best person to sell my product, that must be done by the general public and the media. For me, simply having someone speak well of my work and say they liked it in a sincere way is already a great reward for me. First of all we make music so that we ourselves like it, but if you tell me it that you have felt some emotions listening our stuff, for me it is already a full satisfaction of having done a good job and that really full you internally.

Ouija took an extended hiatus for some time if i am not mistaken? When the band emerged from this slumber, would you say that the time-off changed you and the band, in terms of influences and philosophy wise? Also, is it possible to disclose why the band was inactive for some time?
We have been inactive for two periods, due to different personal causes of members of the band totally unrelated to the music that forced us to stop, as I already said they are personal of a particular nature and I am not going to make any more reference to it. About how I see the current scene, in a previous question I more or less answered this and about my philosophy of life and understanding of this style, is still the same as when I was twenty years old, the difference is that the devil knows more because he is old…that for being devil. Also tell you that I have never been totally disconnected from music because I spent many years playing with Spellcraft which for reasons of life is now inactive too.

Feel free to correct me here, your most recent album ‘Fathomless Hysteros’ (2022) was released 9 years after ‘Ave Voluptatis Carnis’, so how long was ‘Fathomless’ in development? Can you take us through how this album was conceived and the recording cycle of it? How did it differ from ‘Ave Voluptatis Carnis’? In addition to this what is the main theme behind this album, in other words, what does it represent to you as an artist?
As I already said, the band was stopped for a few years, in 2019 we formed the band again. First I’m going to comment that the big difference between our album “Fathomless Hysteros” and “Ave Voluptatis Carnis” is the line-up. In this last album, JM101 play the guitar and in the previous one, Murcilag was the one who accompanied Map. They are both great guitarists, but with a very different style between them. So I would say each album has its own personality. Tell you that already focusing on our latest work, the entry into the band of JM101 greatly enriched our music and together with Map, guitar, founder of OUIJA together with me. They united make a great tanden and merge perfectly, creating today in my opinion that the music of OUIJA is more versatile, complex and elaborate.

For me it would represent this, making reference to the album title that speaks for itself, “Fathomless Hysteros”…we don’t know who we are or where we are going…we are swallowed up by the fathomless, everything is cyclical, death is life… so what It is better that you look calmly and in detail at the cover and find your own conclusion to what I am talking you,

it is a cover with a message, so I encourage you to find this secret.

One thing that I forgot in this question is after our Ep “Selenophile Impia”, we spent about a year and a half composing “Fathomless…”

The artwork for ‘Fathomless Hysteros’ is a rather unique and abstract one for it is a blend of both cosmic and sexual themes, with the skull, void-like art fused with the female reproductive system. Can you explain the overall theme behind the art and how it ties into the album as a whole?
The concept and idea of the cover drawing was given by us to Juanjo Castellano, it has been difficult to portray this art since understanding the meaning and message for this cover was not an easy task, visualizing what we asked the artist for was very twisted, since everything is very encrypted and mystical at the same time. But the final result has been fantastic and you only have to look at the great work that Juanjo has done, to take off his hat and applaud. And regarding its meaning, as I have already said, it hides a very mystical message…just let your imagination fly and get caught in the vortex of sharp scythes.

Your second full length ‘Ave Voluptatis Carnis’ was created right after your emergence from the hiatus, how did this album come to be? As the tone and atmosphere differs from the first release, so i must ask, what was the influence to take the sound in this direction, yet still keeping with the Ouija spirit? Adding to this, i am curious to know about the artwork, this was created by ‘Abigor Artwork’ (Igor Mugerza)? Can you explain the concept behind it, especially with the pivotal Christian idol in the position that it is? What exactly is the meaning and how did it tie into the album?
The important thing after our inactivity was to make a good album and of course not to disappoint our usual followers, as is evident your sound and your way of composing, even my voice and my way of singing change with the passage of time. The important thing is to always remain faithful to your principles and roots, that is the key so that your music always has its identity seal and sounds like OUIJA. As I say, whoever denies their roots is a foolish…you have to evolve but knowing where you come from and where you want to go.

We gave the idea for this cover to our friend Igor Mugerza. And among all, we create that piece of blasphemy that Igor spat out from the bottom of his being was taking shape, it was a team effort and the truth was that the final result was beastly. Also comment that the band’s current logo was created by Igor and in my opinion I boarded it; Igor he is a great guy, both as an artist and personally.

This drawing also speaks for itself, we wanted something transgressive and provocative to be represented and the truth was fully achieved… a sodomization to the divine there is something more beautiful. We have had some problems due to the explicitness of the cover but from the beginning we already knew this would happen.

I want to go back to the first album, ‘Riding into The Funeral Paths’, for in my opinion, i think it is an exquisite album which encapsulates everything grand about the genre. Seeing as you all were very young in those years, what was the mindset and goal behind recording your debut? If you can recall, what was the message Ouija wanted to spread with this album? Following upon this same question, i wanted to ask about the sound of ‘Funeral Paths’, because to my ears, it sounds very ‘second-wave’ influenced, can you give some insight as to what inspired that sound, tone wise on the first album?
Thank you for your words of praise for our debut album, an honor for us. As you well say, at that time we were all very young and wild by thus define it. There was a world to discover and enjoy at that age intensely of that, in my personal case, I lived each new experience until the last second like there’s no tomorrow, but that is obvious. It is law of life and these situations were reflected in our music unconsciously.

It was a great time for us, the stars aligned for many reasons, as I say and we released a great album that today in my opinion and I’m not the best person to do it , but I would say it still sounds fresh, within the humility and means with which it was recorded.

One thousands Memories, there were many anecdotes lived then and as I said before more with those ages where you are discovering everything. And we lived it for a long time with great intensity and enthusiasm. A pity in its day we did not get to make the most of everything that was offered to us, but this already happened and now we have to live in the present. And if the truth, both here and outside of Spain, said album had a brutal acceptance, which did not lead to good reviews and to being known throughout the world, to this day that legacy still endures.

And on the question of our sound then, we have never denied it, we have always been very influenced by the Swedish school, to say otherwise would be lying like scoundrels… we have always really liked bands like Setherial, Sacramentum, Mork Gryning, Dissection, old Dark Funeral and so on.

You recently released your 1996 demo, ‘Carphathians Excelsi Majesty’, what was the reasoning behind unveiling this piece of Ouija’s past now? Are there any plans to resurrect any older material or rehearsals? Looking back on this demo, what was the energy like when recording this, because from my listening experience, its rather primal and visceral in nature?
Who asked and cared about releasing this demo was the Thai label Sick Chainsaws Prods. Although it seems strange, they were aware that this work was never officially releaseded and they asked us for permission to release it, we liked their proposal and we agreed to do it and collaborate with them in said release, which turned out very well since there several old photos that have not been published until the date and the presentation was luxurious with a great cover made by Art of Sickness 666. 

At first we never thought of releasing this demo, but Sunyanluxx from the Thai label Sick Chainsaws Prods. As I have mentioned before, he knew about this material and he proposed us to release it and the truth is that we are very happy to have done it because the edition has been simply bestial, pure collector’s material. Let me tell you that said demo was recorded in an almost totally analog way, there is that primitive and raw sound, which today is no longer obtainable, and also let me tell you that it was recorded in a different studio than our debut album. This demo, initially we were going to release it, but when we quickly signed up for Repulse Rec. they proposed to us to release an album directly, that’s the story of what happened. Also tell you that there is a demo before this one recorded live in our rehearsal room and surely we will also release it in the not too distant future. For now you can listen to it on our Bandcamp and YouTube channels.

Throughout Ouija’s lifespan, the sound has changed in terms of the aura and tone, though the spirit is rather strong, comparing the first release versus the most recent, the production is much more refine, than the harsh mix from the early days, can you comment on these changes and what pushed Ouija to make this shift? Following on this, i would like to ask about the vocals, because they feel more occult-like versus the standard second wave register on the first album, was this an intentional change on the vocals?
Time goes by, and of course your way of seeing life in general is not the same as when you were 20 years old and this also influences your way of understanding this music. But I’m going to clarify, I still feel like when I was that age, it’s more I would said even in many things now I’m more extreme and orthodox than before. The key for your music to keep its essence and roots, it is for me to know where you come from and not to renounce or repudiate of your past, if not to feel proud of it…of course, we all have an evolution that is inevitable, but that evolution both musical and reasoning has to keep a link with your yesterday.

Regarding the voice, I would tell you that it is impossible, to have the same voice as when you were twenty, your body changes and your voice too, that is inevitable too. For this circumstance you have to know how to get the most out of this change and merge it with the new compositions properly, to obtain an optimal result and at the same time dark but without losing your identity seal.

Seeing as your band can be viewed as a prominent figure in Black Metal, this would mean you have also seen the genre grow from its infancy to what it is now. Speaking from your own recollection, how was it back in Spain for the early days of Ouija, where you also involved in the tape trading scene with other bands across the world as well writing letters? In addition to this, if you had to choose, do you prefer the older days of Black Metal versus what the current times?
All the things you mention, like trading and correspondence with other people, who were also inside Extreme Metal, we all did this at that time, it was our communication tools at that time. It was our way of interacting at that time and getting to know new bands and styles.

As I already said in a previous answer, today’s scene is very different from the one in the past and I already expressed my opinion about it. But each era has its positive and negative part, today I would mention as a positive thing, for example, you upload your music to any Internet server and in a matter of seconds your work is already being heard all over the planet, this was unimaginable before. But I think that what you have to do, whether you like it or not, is to update yourself and follow the new guidelines that new technologies and advances bring and try to get the best performance from it and merge it with your knowledge of yesteryear.

In the grand spectrum of Black Metal, it can be viewed more than just a sound, for to others, it can be a philosophical way of life, in your own words how would you describe the energy that is Black Metal, and how does it resonate within you on a personal level?
Black Metal is more than music, it’s a philosophy, it’s a way of understanding life… it’s a style not suitable for everyone, it’s not a mass genre, although in recent years it has tried to market and sell to an idiot public devoid of ideals and submerged in a decadent and totally dead society, hidden behind the deceit of the image.

Who really feels this music knows what I’m talking about.

Me since I was 6 years old and it’s not a lie, I’ve been listening to Metal, my brother already liked it and I grew up in this ambient. In addition, in my neighborhood at the end of the eighties all the young people listened to Heavy, we spent all day listening to Wasp, Accept, Judas, ect… since that early age it was my passion. I grew up with this and with all its perversions, always looking for the most extreme and darkest of the moment. That made me take each style that was emerging and embrace it, firstly Thrash, then Death and in a completely natural and evolutionary way until reaching Black Metal. This, as you well know, is leading to feeling a great fascination for the occult and the forbidden. I don’t conceive of Metal in any other way, I have always liked bands that have touched this topic and to this day I still feel the same way. What would Metal be without Darkness and evilness… you always have a Stryper alternative hahaha…

In ending with this interview, i would like extended my appreciation to you for allowing me to have this interview, for it is truly my honor to be doing this, so thank you! I shall leave the final words to you, any words or advice you would like to impart onto the readers?
Thank you also for this interesting interview, it has been a pleasure to answer it and I really appreciate your interest and support for our band, so the honor is reciprocal.

I will tell your readers not to stop fighting, our weapon is Black Metal and we must not let the elite who want to enslave all humanity subjugate us, we are not part of that herd and we have already chosen the other path that is darker and more abrupt but it is the one that leads to freedom of our being..

. as I say;



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