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Serpentian – The Divine Harm

serpentian – the divine harm

Serpentian are new on the landscape of Metal (founded in 2016). The guys from the Texas have sworn their allegiance to Blackened Death Metal. What may sound like another band trying to be Behemoth 3.0, beware!

Although the name sounds more towards Black Metal, occult kinda thing, the overall sound is much more on the death side and, If you give a closer look to the line up, much more brutal than others. This guys know how brutal Death Metal should sound, and If mixed up with a small dose of blackness, a crushing dark record is guaranteed.

The dissonance of Hate Eternal, the blackness of Belphegor, the brutality of Suffocation, should give you a brief idea of the sound. What Serpentian does good, besides being technically impressive, is to slow down to create a dark vibrating atmosphere (“Draped in Dimensions as Skin”, that slower section when only bass and vocals are heard and then blast and fury is unleashed afterwards, yes!), or they accelerate after a break with sheer machinegun drumming, demonic vocals and frenzy guitarwork (“Pentemychos”).

Another feature of Serpentian’s sounds are the mid tempo/doomy melodic moments, almost chilling and a nice counterpart to the more aggressive atonal sounds. Here and there I think I may here some Immolation shining through the wall of sound, or Nile to a certain extend.

The real “hooks” or classic may be missed if you are looking for it, if not, brutal Black/Death fans should check this out! Nice debut! (DPF)