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Pestilence – Obsideo

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With two new band members (drummer David Haley and bassist Georg Baker) in the team since their last release, the Dutch death metal formation Pestilence hits back with their 7th studio album titled “Obsideo”. In comparison with my discovery of Pestilence, when albums such as “Consuming Impulse” and “Testimony of the Anciets” where true killer albums and created the needed fascination for the talent of this band, the last years (and ditto albums) passed silently for me personally, because I wasn’t really fan of the jazz and experimental way this band took. But now in 2013 I obliged myself to have a listen to this new release titled “Obsideo”. Well, the first thing that I’ve noticed was that in the past the bass-lines ruled in all tracks, but that in this album (and apparently the last albums) the bass domination have put a step aside. Even live the bass shattered out of the boxes as it was king in the sound of Pestilence. Other thing that got my attention, the voice of Patrick Mameli…because overall seen he doesn’t grab me with the balls and that’s something I miss on this release. And finally the third factor that I’ve noticed was that there are several good (technical) riffs to discover, but they don’t sound that exciting for me (somewhat boring even) to give this album good points to be honest. The intro is the sound of a heartbeat (and the connected flatline) that beats its last seconds before ending a human’s life…and I really hope that this album won’t be a reason to give this band the deadly injection, because the odds aren’t in their favor on this one I’m afraid. I think this album also will undergo the same fate as their previous albums since 2009. (Fredde)