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Sotherion – Schwarmgeist [Demo]

sotherion – schwarmgeist [demo]


Though W.T.C. Productions does release cassette tapes every now and then, I can’t really remember when they last released a ‘real’ demo tape, if they ever did. With the two-track demo tape of Sotherion, a Black Metal band from France, the German quality label once again shows it has an excellent nose for quality.

Though Sotherion might be a new band at the front, the sole musician that goes behind it, certainly isn’t. None less than Sébastien ‘BST’ Tuvi is offering you his solo-project with Sotherion, a vessel through he channels his personal demons and anger. He has a wide experience in numerous extreme metal bands, for instance, he is or was part of bands such as Antaeus, Aosoth, Genital Grinder, Doedsvangr, Temple Of Ball, VI and Aborted. Though not much Grindcore is to be found on ‘Schwarmgeist’, there are quite a bit of Death Metal tinged riffs to be discerned on this two-tracker. While the Mütiilation kind of sound typified French Black Metal during the 90’s, It were bands like Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Arkhon Infaustus and Aosoth that brought a significantly different sound to the French Black Metal table. Bestial, wild and with a solid Death Metal edge to it, yet quite challenging with all kinds of contrarian and slightly dissonant riffs. To that tradition we can count Sotherion too, no subtlety is found on these first two tracks, but it has a lot to offer in terms of sharp edged riffs, intricate complexity and a dark and Death Metal-like production.

It somehow puzzles me that this material wasn’t just released on a 7” EP, or, considering its length, maybe a 10” EP or a one-sided 12” EP. Regardless, Sotherion definitely shows its potential with these eleven minutes of Blackened Death Metal. The band definitely fits the current W.T.C. Productions roster, so most likely future work of these French will see the light of day through this label too.


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