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Shrine of Insanabilis – Tombs Opened By Fervent Tongues [EP]

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Not even a year has passed since Shrine of Insanabilis released their debut album „Disciples of the Void“ which caused some real damage to some brain cells, as we are talking about a new release of this German black metal outfit. An EP to be precise. This time I would even like to speak about the artwork as well which is fantastic(check it out) done by David Glomba(Cult of Fire, Ascension). The new record is entitled “Tombs Opened By Fervent Tongues“. The artwork together with the lyrics let you sink deep into the void. The path to follow for the devotees won`t be that easy If they are not familiar with the message the band is trying to send(which is only opened to those in order go deep into the void). Talking about the music. 2 Tracks, 12 minutes of great atmospheric black metal using the entire range of atmosphere and speed, from melodic slower parts to frenzy ultra Frostian blast sections taking no prisoners. It might be short, but I prefer a good EP than a mediocre album. The guys picked up where they left with their album and went even a step further. It never gets boring. Congratulations for this strong EP. Go out and check them live. Just so them on tour with Acherontas and they just killed. (DPF)