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Sargeist – The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence

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Sargeist from Finland is one of those bands, who deliver quality but isn’t one of my first choices when I have the urge to listen to a black metal album. After listening to this compilation, I have to push myself more often to grab a more uncommon choice when I’m standing in front of my collection as Sargeist does deliver Black Metal I like to hear. A bit raw, melancholic and icy, fast riffs with a vibe of mid 1990s Scandinavian alike melody (like Gorgoroth on “Antichrist” and “Pentagram” or Setherial on “Nord”) and mid-tempo Darkthrone song structures. Sometimes even punky, in the same Darkthrone style. This compilation contains rare compilation / 7” / bonus / split tracks released between 2002 till 2011, so it almost covers their whole musical career. If you like to collect everything of Sargeist, this is a nice one to have all rare tracks at once. (Ricardo)