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Horna – Kuoleman kirjo

horna – kuoleman kirjo


Horna is one of those names whose history speaks for itself. With a long and very consistent history behind them, the Finns keep on blazing with their Black Metal. It is amazing, indeed, that they have been around for so long and have always stayed true to their core, and I dare say they are not a novelty to a large majority of Black Metal fans. Alongside other Finnish names, these blokes have stepped forward and given us one more powerful expression of Black Metal.

It is Horna’s Black metal sound, it is Finnish Black Metal at its best. Let us be honest: there is not a lot more to say about Horna. They know their craft, and they know how to put on a show… or an album, in this case. It has that melody we know so well, and that aggressiveness that Finland’s scene has crafted, and coined, so well. It is, indeed, good to see that Shatraug is full of hate and a desire to spread it like wildfire.

Along with the aggressiveness, we have a very gloomy and foggy, almost, idea to the sound. Melodic riffs and almost soothing atmospheres take over some of the tracks, showing us a band that is aging, but not dying. A twist if you may; a risky decision that paid back. “Elavana, Kuolleena” is a fine example of rhythm changes, and different ambiances. Does it fit? Oh yes it does! And there is where I appreciate them the most: when the band takes a turn, and presents slight changes, small, yet audible, changes. “Haudattujen Tahtien Yona” sounds cool, yes, cool. That start caught me a bit off guard, but I got back on my feet and embraced it.

Well, we have reached the end of this review while the record plays one more time. Did anyone else feel that it is too long? Over an hour it is a lot. And what about that almost Satyricon ending for the record? Rock n’ Black… enjoy. (DanielP)