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Fides Inversa – Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans

fides inversa – mysterium tremendum et fascinans


Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans is the new (thus second) output of the Italian black metal band Fides Inversa. Terrifying and fascinating mystery. Or something, probably. Fides Inversa means the inversion of good faith. The mysterie of the divine and death is what this band deals with musically as well as lyrically, their biography states proudly. The divine ofcourse not in the sense of God faith but the dark side of Spirit; Satan, Lucifer the illuminator. Fides Inversa uses as term ‘the numinous’, the most terrifying variety of divine, spiritual essences mankind shall ever meet through their music and spoken words! Humans shall be stupified and stultified in favour of these dark mysterious force draining powers, coming from nothing less than chaos. Band members Omega A.D. and Void A.D., do they succeed, somehow, in this megalomanic mission, this enormous goal? Musically Fides Inversa fits this occult chaos concept, which is reminding of Deathspell Omega and the sort of ritualistic illuminatic black metal which is uprising nowadays… Almost or already a trend one could easily say, or a bit cliché even. But black metal can’t be renewed again, not all the time. It is okay like this, when it’s not just a gimmick. I mean, it can be gimmick but not only the superficial ritualistic rimram that is often used in nowadays black metal. Without any deep content behind it. If Fides Inversa is a gimmick, it’s a well hidden one. These guys sound like they mean it… Totally. The angry and sometimes dissonant riffing, intense but also subtle at times with arpeggio guitar picking; distorted still, luckily. The only real break in music is a classical midpart out of Hector Berlioz’s The Witches Sabbath. Melodies that really get stuck in your head are not part of this band’s repetoire, yet it’s not made for the masses, so who cares? I do, because I like some melodies to reach the head and heart. I’m not a core fanatic lover of dissonant ritualistic black metal because of this. Most dearly to me are the intensity and craftmanship in this substyle, not just melodies but something beyond that! Fides Inversa delivered this on their debut album. More than mediocre black metal, very intense and well played. After the listening of Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans, I’m still impressed, however not as much as with their first release. The listener was left in a void after storm; while now silenced after storm in a glass of water with the bubbles gone. Within the bubble(s) it is fine… one is satisfied and taken away to another world. Yet as soon as one is outside of the bubble, as the record ends, left in the dead water which is still poisoned (with Fides Inversa’s good black metal), one starts realizing something is missing: a lasting impact. No, this record isn’t bad! On the contrary, it is good. But is is not all that what I expected after hearing the first album. And after reading their biography: with this release their grand goal was to reveal the mysteries of death and the divine to the listener through its sounds of chaos and ritual words. Now in their lyrics they did this well, with obscure and thoughtful text. In their music it worked only halfway: one is not blown away but left with this feeling of being satisfied enough for the moment, only not in the long run… Maybe the mystery of life and death and their divine origins, doesn’t let itself be captured within black metal all too easily. The effort is great however! Fans of illuminatic black metal should certainly listen the album and certainly their debut.

Fides Inversa

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