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Acherontas / Slidhr – Death of the Ego / Chains of the Fallen [Split]

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One of the best black metal bands in my opinion are coming up with a new release. This time Acherontas team up with Slidhr from Ireland, another astonishing trio who is able to create a dark and ugly atmosphere with amazing musicianship. Let me focus on Acherontas first. These guys seem to be really busy. In 2015 they simply released their best output so far, I consider it o be one of the best black metal albums ever and it is not going to be easy for them to top this(in the end it does not matter, I hope they continue to release music). After this masterpiece to splits/collaborations came out which both were fantastic in a way or another pushing they creativity even further. So what to expect on this one? Melodic black metal inspired by the olds(Dissection/Abigor, any more) paired with ritualistic ambient tracks and passages incorporated in your typical black metal opus with great lyrics and one of the most versatile and enchanting voices done by Acherontas V. Priest. Rifs and melodies writing landscapes of times long gone. Of times were knowledge was only given to those who deserved it(or were worthy). Every instrument is doing his job perfectly. This side of the split is already worth the buy, but what about Slidhr? 3 Men going nuts(on tour a 3 piece), I mean nuts. On the latest tour with Acherontas they just showed what a wall of sound you can create with only one guitar and how dark and ugly but beautiful in the same time black metal can be(does it make sense to you?). Aggressive, atonal chaotic riffs, pounding drums, hypnotic disturbing vocals, imagine a mix between, Bölzer, old Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Grave Miasma. Sounds weird? It may be but damn is it great. Buy it now! (DPF)