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Ifrinn – Caledonian Black Magick [EP]

ifrinn – caledonian black magick [ep]

Black Metal has always been in close contact with the darker corners of the Human mind. From shock value to life commitment, the Occult has been the fuel that sets the genre aflame. I do believe that this is a core pillar of the musical genre we labelled as Black Metal, but Liberty of choice is another one, which means that “Do What Thou Wilt”, correct?

Ifrinn comes to us from Scottish Highlands, fierce and sword in hand! From the moment you press “play”, an amazing discharge of Black Metal is thrown at you, with such an intensity, that one almost feels the violence. Much like the Norwegian acts, these Scotts gift us with ritualistic atmospheres that hypnotize, feed, and control us.

Do not expect anything else besides Black Metal, the Norwegian way (if I may put it so bluntly). ”Silent Seasons of Sorcery” is an example of Ifrinn’s music, in a way: it has the violent and straightforward facet, but it also adds the more melodic and atmospheric element. Fear not, as this is not another Atmospheric Black Metal act! Ifrinn is ruthless and merciless! 3 rituals of summoning. 3 rituals of cleansing. 3 rituals of possession.

Ifrinn has crafted 3 rituals of Black Metal that will satisfy all those that se XXI Century Norway as the true heir of Black Metal… (DanielP)