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Casket Grinder – Sepulchral Trip

casket grinder – sepulchral trip


Before listening to ‘Sepulchral Trip’ I had never heard of Casket Grinder, but I was intrigued by the album cover, the band name and the band picture in which the band members are wearing shirts by Deicide, Unleashed, Watch Tower (!) and Slayer. That must be something I like. Before releasing this album, they already did a demo, a split with Postmortem Inc., an EP and their debut album ‘Fall Into Dementia’. With having their foundation in 2010, that is a pretty decent output. Now, let’s dive into their Metal Of Death…

As often happens, the shirts of the band members say something about what you can expect. Good, riff-driven Death Metal with a good bite, not overly technical though, so basically a mixture of a bit of Deicide and Unleashed maybe. Maybe not exactly in the progressive and technical vein of Watch Tower, but some (classical) Thrash Metal influences can certainly be discerned – especially in the somewhat fierce guitar leads that have a Slayerian touch. For a change, it’s also nice not to hear extremely low-tuned guitars or a jam-packed production, but just honest, classic Old School Death Metal with decent song writing and solid execution. It might not be the best Death Metal of the year, but the fact that Casket Grinder is clearly not trying to be the most brutal, fast or savage band out there, makes them even more charming. I love the production, which is rather clear and not at all dense or murky like most Death Metal bands have today, it makes them stand out of the crowd a bit more and definitely make their songs shine.

Anyone interested in just a really nice serving of unpretentious Old School Death Metal without any frills or hipster bullshit is very welcome to check out this great second record of these Colombians. Recommended.

Casket Grinder

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