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Evilcult – The Devil Is Always Looking For Souls

evilcult – the devil is always looking for souls


When it comes to old school sounding Black/Thrash Metal the country of Brazil has a rich history. Not only because of the obvious relation to that of the early Sepultura records and the other albums by the likes of Mutilator, Sextrash, Vulcano and such, but maybe even more so because of the second coming of the genre in Brazil that happened some two decades ago. Bands like Farscape and especially Power From Hell paved the way for many to come. Nowadays I think it is fair to say that the country has a healthy scene of Blackened Thrash/Speed Metal bands, and Evilcult also sprouted from that very scene.

The threesome already released an EP and their debut album prior this newest work of art, ‘The Devil Is Always Looking For Souls. Compared to these earlier recordings it is clear to hear that the band has not strayed from their musical path. On the very contrary, they have not only been loyal to the old school sound, but they have even chosen to explore it further. Blackened Thrash Metal is still very much the basis for Evilcult, but they have laced it with great sounding 80’s Heavy Metal. Their love for classic Heavy Metal is by no means a secret, they do not only look like they have escaped from a Sodom photo session (including the famous Prince Valiant haircut and proto-paint), but they also pretty much sound like that. A thick Venom and Judas Priest vibe is blown throughout the full playing time of the record. Just take a listen to ‘Die In Hell’ for instance, you just got to love that marvellous guitar work. The rather rough vocals, with loads of reverb, are highlighting the authenticity of the music. Someone who has jumped the modern sort of Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal bandwagon may perhaps judge that this is all past tense and old-fashioned. And you know what? Then they are right, which is what makes ‘The Devil Is Always Looking For Souls’ so enjoyable.

So, to cut things short, if you are into bands like Nocturnal, Power From Hell, Sodom, Desaster, Whipstriker, Cruel Force and the likes, you might want to do yourself a favour by checking out Evilcult (if you haven’t done so already). ‘Cause you can guess, Evilcult is always looking for souls…


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