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Mayhemic – The Darkest Age [Compilation]

mayhemic – the darkest age [compilation]


This Chilean Thrash Metal band, formed in 2018, released several demos and EP’s over the past few years. However, none of these releases reached my ears before, so for me Mayhemic was still an unwritten sheet. I do, however, recognise vocalist and drummer Javier Salgado (although he recently switched to guitar) in the line-up, his work in Hellish and Hemisferio have particularly pleased me. Anyway, so this is Mayhemic. Of which ‘The Darkest Age’ has all the old material compiled by Awakening Records.

For which I thank them a lot. Because Mayhemic is definitely worth listening to. The mainly European-sounding, muscular, merciless Thrash Metal sounds pure and authentic. The love for the German Big Three (Sodom, Kreator and Destruction) is so thick on top that it is impossible to miss out on, even if you happen to be deaf. Furthermore, I also expect to find the classic LP’s by Dark Angel, Evildead, Mortal Sin, Onslaught, Sarcrifice, Rigor Mortis, Infernäl Mäjesty and Razor in these Chileans’ collections. Fast chopping drums, angular riffs, screaming a-musical solos and aggressive barking vocals: it’s all there. And if you were still in doubt of what you are dealing with, you are getting served with two cover songs by Kreator and Tormentor. None of it wins any originality prizes, but nobody who loves this music does care about that anyway. This is just pure, honest and super energetic Thrash Metal to bang your head to. Just the way I like it. More of this please!


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